A Word Processor That is Not Distracting for That First Draft Flow of Words

Sometimes you just want to get the words down without seeing a lot of distractions that can be part of a regular word processing program. Years ago when I used to use a typewriter, my eyes were fixed on a single line of type or a single word. Sometimes a single letter. This visual focus in reality made it easy for my imagination to explore. Screen real estate for computers and word processing programs can have a lot of distractions. Sometimes I just want to write so I use Write! It makes it easy to get a draft of the words down. Then I can go back and edit.

The flow of the words for a first draft is important. You really do not want to interrupt the flow to be seeing anything that triggers your brain to go into editing mode. I do not want to see words underlined in red. I do not want to have failed punctuation or grammar pointed out to me in a draft. I just want to write what is on my mind. Then I want to be able to fully edit a document or entire book quickly. I do eventually want access to advanced formatting and editing tools, I just do not want them when I am writing a first draft.

I like programs that auto-capitalize and spellcheck. However, I do not want the distraction of seeing a misspelled word pointed out in a draft. I want to turn that feature on when I am done. Correcting commonly misspelled words automatically is okay with me as long as I do not have to interact with the program. I just want to have my fingers on the keyboard pounding out the words. This is why I find Write! a nice program to use for my sort of writing style.