Singapore is Home to Me

When I was younger, I wanted to travel the world. I did not want to spend the rest of my life without knowing what was outside of Singapore. I did travel for a couple of years, which was made possible since I work remotely. However, it did not take me long to realize that while the world is interesting, Singapore is home. I came back several months ago, and I have been living with my parents while I decided what to do. When I saw the New Futura condo development when I went out with some friends, I knew I wanted to find out more information on it.

The main reason I liked it at first was because of the location. Anything I could possibly want is within either walking distance or a short train ride away. The train station is just a few minutes away, so it is ideal for someone who does not own a car. (more…)

The Best Cure for Weight Problems I’ve Found

By the time I read CLA Safflower Oil reviews on weight loss, I had literally moved heaven and earth to lose weight. I’d gone through diet pill phases (which are awful because they’re basically legal speed that makes your heart rate go way up), meal programs that made you count calories constantly, and even starvation diets that really made me feel icky. Even when these attempts worked, the weight would come roaring back as soon as I got off of the programs. I needed something natural that would work and that I could continue to use indefinitely.

I stumbled over CLA Safflower Oil online while I was looking for something else, and initially I didn’t think it would offer an effective solution to losing weight. (more…)