Being Prepared for the Worst

The rise of home break ins in the area was enough to scare my wife into getting a home security system. I wasn’t really worried, but my wife was scared that someone would break in while we were at work or sleeping. Even though we had some weapons in our home for protection, she didn’t think this was enough. She looked at some of the security companies that offered alarm systems and chose one that could provide all of the bells and whistles. She wanted cameras that would watch the home and alerts sent to her phone if anything happened.

The security company installed all of the equipment into our home and it was fully operational once they were done. They even placed a sign in the front of our home to alert others that the system was there. My wife loved the fact that she could arm the system while she was out of the house. When she’s at the grocery store, she likes to check the cameras to make sure that no one has broken in the home. (more…)

The Best Cure for Weight Problems I’ve Found

By the time I read CLA Safflower Oil reviews on weight loss, I had literally moved heaven and earth to lose weight. I’d gone through diet pill phases (which are awful because they’re basically legal speed that makes your heart rate go way up), meal programs that made you count calories constantly, and even starvation diets that really made me feel icky. Even when these attempts worked, the weight would come roaring back as soon as I got off of the programs. I needed something natural that would work and that I could continue to use indefinitely.

I stumbled over CLA Safflower Oil online while I was looking for something else, and initially I didn’t think it would offer an effective solution to losing weight. (more…)

Everyone Deserves to Have Intimacy

When my husband and I first got married fifty years ago, I knew that we were going to have a great life ahead of us. We got married after college and I knew from the beginning that he was going to be the right one for me. I was so happy when he wanted to take me to Europe for our anniversary. When we were in Sweden we had to look for Sildenafil in Sweden because I knew that I wanted to make sure that he was ready for me when it was time to get intimate. (more…)

Saving Money Up Front is Easier Than Working Hard to Spend More

My husband and I have made a pact to be as frugal as we can. We watched for years as many friends repeatedly got themselves into debt and struggled to get out. We knew there was a better way. So, when we got married, many people in our family had grandiose ideas of the luxury wedding we would have, but we wanted no part of that. Of course, we did do things like get Toronto limo rental for ourselves and our parents, but that is relatively cheap for the nice luxury that it provides.

Anyone can be frugal by simply not buying a lot of things. But there are a lot of us who take it further with the help of tips. We know how to make things like groceries, toiletries, toilet paper and so much more last longer than the average person does. No, we don’t all have all the answers on our own, we spend time meeting in different online communities to share tips that we have each come up with. Once everyone puts their heads together to share tips they have, it helps the entire group as a whole. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. (more…)

Singapore is Home to Me

When I was younger, I wanted to travel the world. I did not want to spend the rest of my life without knowing what was outside of Singapore. I did travel for a couple of years, which was made possible since I work remotely. However, it did not take me long to realize that while the world is interesting, Singapore is home. I came back several months ago, and I have been living with my parents while I decided what to do. When I saw the New Futura condo development when I went out with some friends, I knew I wanted to find out more information on it.

The main reason I liked it at first was because of the location. Anything I could possibly want is within either walking distance or a short train ride away. The train station is just a few minutes away, so it is ideal for someone who does not own a car. (more…)

Don’t Go Through Life Obese and Miserable

If you use the fat diminisher system, if you’ve really reached a place in your life where you are sick and tired of being obese and feeling miserable, you will lose weight. I know it sounds crazy to make this claim about yet another diet program, but I’m here to tell you this system works if you’ve decided you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. And yes, being obese is being sick. You’ve got a sickness that you need to cure. This system will cure your obesity. All you need to do is follow the system and you’ll make it.

I started the program when I was in a bad place. A hundred pounds overweight and still eating like a horse. I literally couldn’t stop eating. (more…)

The Best Way to Make Money Selling

After reading an Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review, I only had one question going through my mind: could I do this? Email marketing sounds so easy to do, but I kept thinking there must be some catch. It just seemed to easy to get online, collect a bunch of email addresses from willing customers, and then mail them stuff that they’ll send you money to buy. I ultimately decided that yes, I could do this. At the very least I’d give it a try. The worst thing that could happen is that I would fail. The potential for making money far outweighed my fear of failure.

I’ve done sales before, so I have a passing knowledge of the various techniques one can use to get a customer to open up his or her wallet. None of that seemed to apply here because you’re not interacting on a face to face basis with the person. You’re not even doing cold calling, a process where you get a stack of phone numbers and try to make a sale over the phone. I tried that too and although I did make sales, it never felt right to me to hit someone up out of the blue.

The great thing about this software and this technique is that the people are willingly giving you their email addresses. You collect them from various sites where they input them and then the program mails them articles and such that they can pay to see. It’s actually a genius way to make some money. So I gave it a try and was surprised to make about one thousand dollars over the course of a couple of weeks. That’s a lot of money. Now I’m going to try a few more campaigns to see if I can bring in the really big money.

This Condo Would Be Perfect

Of course I could see them putting this place up while I was going to and from the office for the past couple of years. The condo developer New Futura in Singapore has been working on the place and it is finally ready. The other day I got my work finished a little early and I decided to test out how long it would take to walk over there. It came out under ten minutes by a little and of course the traffic was just terrible when I did it and it took a long time to get through some of the chokepoints in the route. You know that there is a real problem though and I found out what it was when I went inside and started to inquire about the costs. (more…)

A Word Processor That is Not Distracting for That First Draft Flow of Words

Sometimes you just want to get the words down without seeing a lot of distractions that can be part of a regular word processing program. Years ago when I used to use a typewriter, my eyes were fixed on a single line of type or a single word. Sometimes a single letter. This visual focus in reality made it easy for my imagination to explore. Screen real estate for computers and word processing programs can have a lot of distractions. Sometimes I just want to write so I use Write! It makes it easy to get a draft of the words down. Then I can go back and edit.

The flow of the words for a first draft is important. (more…)

Whistleblower Advice

They say no good deed goes unpunished and sadly that is the truth in the world of the whistleblower. The theory on ‘whistle blowing’ is that the individual is helping the community, and following their ethics, by reporting the offending person or company. The risk of recrimination is very high and usually results in a long and difficult fight for the whistleblower. This battle will likely including legal threats and character assassination.

So what can you do to protect yourself when you do blow the whistle? Having been through this process I have gain some insight on how best to handle the situation.

1. Documentation :: Once you suspect that something is wrong you should begin documenting. Start by taking notes in a log book or note pad. This information will be helpful when you need to tell your story and will provide the detail needed to track down further evidence of wrong doing. Next, start collecting pertinent documents. The best way is to copy documents (photocopy, computers docs, etc.). When you think you have enough, double it. Pictures, phone recordings, documents, conversations, e-mails are all important and should be noted when possible. There can never be enough documentation. Once the authorities begin investigation documents had a tendency to disappear.

Many people who don’t know the laws will try to tell you that these methods are illegal. The fact is they are not. In Canada it is legal to record a conversation or phone call as long as one of the parties is participating in the conversation. The removal of documents from the workplace is a gray area. Under normal circumstances removing company information is illegal, however when it is evidence it can be collected. In a Canadian court all evidence will be considered. Check with your governments laws or speak with a lawyer before taking any risks.

2. Minimize Your Exposure :: When you draw up the courage, and support, to finally report the issues there are a few things you need to do. First, it is best if you stay at your job while you report the issues. Sometimes the authorities will ask you questions, that will help them with their investigation, and being at the location is beneficial. Ask to be kept anonymous, if possible, but sometimes this can’t be done. Next, get your resume polished up and start sending it out. Then prepare financially by locating your employment insurance office. Tell them that you are blowing the whistle on your employer and you may be fired for it. Provide the person with the contact names of whichever authority you contacted. The idea is to build a repour, so if bad things happen, people will know the facts. Don’t loose that all important safety net.

3. Go with your Instincts :: Most people will tell you not to blow the whistle because there are no winners. They are partially right, but without your courage people will get hurt, the rich will get richer and abuse their powers. You can change that by doing what you feel it right. We often cloud our thinking with other peoples perceptions, but only you can determine what to do. Most of the time your instinct are right and you should trust them. If you listen to others and they convince not to go with your instincts, and then something bad happens, you have to live with the consequences, not them.

4. Be Patient :: Nothing happens quickly no matter how fast you want to be done with it. The reality is that things will go much slower than you ever expected them too. The best way to make sure things are moving is to do some research. For example, if you file a complaint against a medical professional, the regulatory College that receives the complaint will have a complaints process. However, this is usually regulated by a government agency that has legislation regarding complaints. In Ontario all complaints must be handled in 120 days. If not, you can contact the Health Professions Appeal & Review Board and they will contact the College and accelerate the process.

Some other tips to accelerate the process include contacting your local politician, begin a letter writing campaign to media outlets and compiling your story onto an internet site. Be persistent when dealing with each agency, don’t accept their statements at face value and always follow up.

5. The Media is Not a Solution :: They can help but you have to convince them to write the story. Many times it may take months for them to move. Remember they don’t want any liability, they are a profit motivated company and will only publish story’s that make them a dollar. If your former employer is litigious, they will probably be too scared to publish. The media has no problem reporting history, so once a final verdict is reached, by the authorities, they will write a story. Unfortunately it will be to late to help you.

Some of the smaller media outlets may be more willing to help you. Take a look at freelance writers, who may spend more time working on your story and getting the facts. They also have the contacts you need to get it published.

6. Prepare for an Attack on your Character and Legal Threats :: The person or company you are dealing with will not let things go easily. The first response will be to discredit you. If you look like an disgruntled employee or someone with a vendetta then your story will be less believable. It’s easy for the person or company to do this. If they were unethical to start with, it’s not a huge leap for them start lying about you after you report them. There isn’t much you can do except try to disprove they’re statements. Use the document you gathered to clearly show that they are the guilty party and you were just being ethical. In the end your efforts will be recognized. You will probably receive a cease and desist letter, don’t be overly concerned as this is most likely posturing. If you are worried, speak with a lawyer.

7. Use Lawyers Sparingly :: Nobody can fight with the passion you have and no lawyer will ever put the amount of effort you already have into your fight. Replying to a cease and desist letter is easy, just stick with the facts, provide the evidence and take the high road. Most lawyers will act like an 600 lb gorilla, your job is to be bigger. In all likelihood they won’t want to take this issue to a public forum, like a court room, especially if you have documented the case very well. That would give you a perfect opportunity to invite the media and lay your case out. Examples of cease and desist responses can be found in the legal documents section of the Snake Oil website.

If you need legal advice, get it, but don’t let the lawyer bleed you dry. Have your questions prepared on paper and sit down with the lawyer and discuss the issue. If they charge a minimum of one hour time, use it all. One good thing to do is prepare a short summary of the facts in your case, and fax it in to the law office. Don’t ask question in the letter. Blowing the whistle is stressful enough without having thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Some people will tell you not to let the event consume you. If it does consume you, it will affect other parts of your life. But sometimes focussing your energy can be better if it will resolve the issue quicker. It’s better to throw your whole heart into the matter, rather than fight with yourself. It is difficult to not be consumed. My advice is to simply go with it. The harder you work the quicker the issue will be resolved and the sooner you can get on with your life.

The is no reward for doing a good deed, that’s only in movies. In the end however you should have the satisfaction that you made your community or country a better place. People will respect you for your efforts and hopefully inspire then to do something good and that is a reward in itself.